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Green Laundry Lounge

About us

Green Laundry Lounge vision is to reinvent laundromat & dry-cleaning system so community can take advantage to laundry services easily and spend quality family time in-store or at-home by having pickup/drop-off service.

Our goal is to use most energy efficient washers, dryers, sustainable and ecofriendly laundry products. Our main mission is to provide clean and green laundry to everyone. Green Laundry Lounge is the Cleanest and Safest Laundromat in Carolinas. To make a great community gathering location we also have outdoor park, patio, Lounge where we are offering food & drink, ipad station for kids & adults, books etc. We want our customer to scratch-off laundry from their to-do list and spend their quality & valuable time with friends & family. Laundry is time consuming and boring chore for most. We would like to change that and provide a safe environment where our guest can enjoy doing laundry. Green Laundry Lounge Founder & Part owner Jay Desai is Mechanical Design Engineer, creating a sustainable laundromat and community place was his vision and mission. Jay cares for an environment and wanted to make sure his venture into entrepreneurship also reflects his main vision & mission toward commitment to environment. Green Laundry Lounge is the best laundromat in Greenville, actually the best laundromat in entire USA. But that is not our focus. Our focus is on quality, service and drive to keep doing better.


  • Eco Friendly laundry detergent
  • Organic Dry Cleaning (Wet Cleaning), (More Efficient, Better & Sustainable than Dry-Cleaning)
  • Pay with Credit/Debit Card, Mobile Pay or coin. Dont need to download third party app or signup
  • Change Machine with $1 coins
  • ATM
  • Free Gigabyte Wi-Fi
  • 24 Hours Surveillance
  • FREE sanitizing rinse on machines
  • Fully attended, clean and bright
  • Wash & Fold Service (Chemical Free Soap)
  • Real time TEXT status on laundry machines available
  • Folding Tables
  • TV showing News & Sports
  • Cafe with specialty coffee, beer, wine, kombucha, craft sodas and Farm-to-Table sandwiches and bowls.


The laundromat has ultra high-efficiency Electrolux equipment - washer capacities up to 80 lbs., and dryers up to 83, that can wash and dry as much as 9 loads at once - drastically cut down your overall laundry time, even when you bring in a veritable ton. Choose multiple washers and dryers, or dump all of your laundry from the past month into one of GLL's largest-capacity machines - In and Out in 35 mins to an hour.

Electrolux 450 G-force washers and dryers with EcoPower technology are the most energy-efficient machines in the world. Reduce wear and tear, even on your most delicate laundry. Every machine is equipped with a delicate cycle that can wash just about everything, from wool blankets to down comforters and pillows. Wash and dry your largest items - sleeping bags, bedding, pet bedding - in no time.

We use only high efficiency washing machines in our laundromats. These machines are engineered to create cascade-like water flows to get more washing action out of less water. This also reduces cycle time.

Already have a washer and dryer at home? You can still significantly reduce the amount of time you spend each week doing laundry, reduce your carbon footprint, and trim your water and electricity bill.

Our Organic Dry Cleaning Technology is also called as Wet-Clenaing. We do not use harmful chemicals or solvent. We use bio degradable soap, conditioner and water. Our shirt & pant finishers does a great job handling delicates. Ironing or shirt pressing is done using top of the line steam machines. We also offer same day laundry & dry cleaning services. You can look up your browser and serch for "dry cleaners near me" or "ironing services near me" to find us. Green Laundry Lounge is without a doubt the best Organic Dry Cleaners in Greenville South Carolina.

Laundromat location should be in nice and safe location. Our location is clean, safe and convenient. We can for our gust and their safety, our restrooms are big, clean and has beautiful mural done by local artis. Moms can have a great relaxing experience doing laundry and folding while enjoying specialty coffee, wine or beer and kids can read, do puzzle or play on ipads. Safest and cleanest laundromat in Greenville, Greer and Simpsonville area. You can look up your browser and serch for "laundry near me" or "Laundromat near me" to find us.

Green Laundry Lounge is the best laundromat near you and with focus on quality and service it will keep getting better.

Cleaning room, guy seating at the table


Green Laundry Lounge will have dedicated Barista & Lounge with both indoor and outdoor seating. People can have a fresh coffee, traditional chai, Beer & Wine, snack while waiting on their laundry. Café/lounge will have hi-speed wifi and access to printer/scanner.

We use fresh roasted coffee beans from local coffee roaster, use local craft beer and soda and work with local and for local.

Our vision for café to provide fresh, organic, healthy and farm to table food options and most will be sourced locally.

Interior, bar area