Wet Cleaning - Organic Dry Cleaning

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WET CLEANING - ORGANIC DRY CLEANING. Green Laundry Lounge offers sustainable Wet Cleaning (Organic Dry Cleaning) service meaning no harmful chemicals, only bio-degradable and top-quality laundry soap with energy star rated washer & dryer.

Wet Cleaning is chemical-free fabric cleaning where water and soap are added to specialized computer-controlled machines with garments. Clothing can be agitated gently at the desired temperature. This meaning no toxic chemical or harmful solvent being used. This is an organic way to dry cleaning.

Green Laundry Lounge is the Cleanest and Safest Laundromat in Carolinas. You can look up your browser and serch for 'dry cleaners near me' or 'Laundromat near me' to find us.

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Benefit of Green Laundry Lounge Organic Dry Cleaning (Wet Cleaning) Service

  1. The entire process is eco-friendly, with no harmful chemicals or solvents being used. Bio-degradable soap and water only
  2. Energy efficient washer-dryer and top-quality Electrolux finishers
  3. The feel of the fabric is softer with wet cleaning.
  4. Colors will be brighter and more vibrant.
  5. The garment is cleaner than traditional dry cleaning.
  6. Skin doesn't get exposure to chemicals from garments.
  7. Clothes don't have dry-cleaning smell
  8. Prevent stretching, fading, and shrinking.
  9. Can extend the life of the garment


  1. Same day dry cleaning service.
  2. Same Day Ironing service
  3. Chemical Free Dry Cleaning
  4. Enviroment Friendly Dry Cleaning
  5. Mobile App Scheduling for Pickup & Delivery
  6. Transperent Pricing
  7. Professional & customer care oriendted staff
  8. Best dry cleaners of Greenville and upstate area.
  9. Efficient stain removal from fabric.

Now you know why Green Laundry Lounge is the best dry cleaners near by or best dry cleaners in Greenville.

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