Wash & Fold

Outside, Wash and Fold laundry bag

WASH & FOLD Green Laundry Lounge offers sustainable Wash & Fold service meaning no harmful chemicals, only bio-degradable and top-quality laundry soap with an energy star-rated washer & dryer.

Using Green Laundry Lounge's wash & fold service means directly or indirectly contributing to the environment as well as spending no time on laundry and more with family, friends, and loved ones. Green Laundry Lounge is the Best Laundromat in Greenville and has superior Wash & Fold service in entire upsate area.

Green Laundry Lounge is the Cleanest and Safest Laundromat in Carolinas. You can look up your browser and serch for 'wash & fold near me' or 'Laundromat near me' to find us.

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Why you should use Wash & Fold service?

  1. Time : Laundry is time consuming chore, there is also down time if you do laundry yourself. Green Laundry Lounge Wash & Fold service will cut the down time and provide you peace of mind. Now you can scratch off laundry from your to do list and use quality time with your family or doing something more productive. Family of 3-4 usually spend 5-7 hrs doing laundry per week.
  2. Environment: Green Laundry Lounge uses energy star rated washers and dryers to do wash & fold service. Bio-Degradable and sustainable soap is also included in this serivice. We are commited to environment and quality and zero comprimise in customer service. Domestic washers & Dryers, they use more electricity and water and doesnt do good job on clenaing laundry.
  3. Quality: Domestic Washers & Dryers can not match the quality Green Laundry Lounge machines. Our laundry attendant carefully wahing and drying our client laundry based on their preferences. Using only top of the line sustainable laundry soap and doing folding making sure there is no wrinkles and organizing laundry by type.

What is the cost of Wash & Fold?

  1. $1.50 per lbs (10lbs minimum), 2-3 days of service
  2. $2.225 per lbs (10lbs minimum), same day
  3. Wash & Fold or Fluff & Fold subscription service thru the Green Laundry Lounge mobile app
  4. Free pickup & delivery within 10miles

Dirty laundry before cleaning


Laundry after cleaning at Wash and Fold


How Laundry is being Handled for Wash & Fold?

  1. Tag carefully with preferences, checking on cleanliness. Every step of wash & fold handled and checked by professionals
  2. Sanitize cart
  3. The laundry attendant carefully washed folding
  4. Wrapping/packing
  5. Tracking/notification

Outside, Wash and Fold pickup and delivery vehicle


How it will be delivered or pickup at the store?

  1. GLL App for scheduling pickup & delivery
  2. Client can call and schedule pickup or delivery.
  3. Notification and reminders

Outside, Wash and Fold laundry bag


Is wash & Fold same as Wet cleaning/Dry Cleaning

  1. Different process
  2. Different types of machines and soap


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